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I don’t really mind still the sun is shining bright
while the people all around spit tears.... and fire
Well I can’t believe I still get it on my feet I forgot about the wheels
I was chosen... for a mean

While the plane was crashing
I got back into that day that I thought I forgot
when my father told me screw it kid then took my kidney
and pushed me to the floor

I don’t really mind while I'm holdin on my knife I'll be hiding for a while
while I'm holding all the secrets inside
eyeline maked up guy getting older but inside
payed a visit as a child and then left him behind

All those bitches, faggots pussy doctors, niggers with their sons
they can blow me just whoever be the one
I'll go deep into the secret Jacob's callin me this time
and I'll be the one only for this island

Pathetic life still hanging by a rope
I changed my mind but Ben had really not
I'm coming back in a coffin maybe I'm not
instead of me all is coming is evil smoke

I'll go deep into the secret of that cave of sacred light
and I'll be the one only out this island
I'll be locked here by the shepard i'm the legion down the cliff
and the ending point is just like the beginning

Album che contiene The One

album Buzz EP Buzz
Buzz EP 2013 - Indie

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