2020 - Sperimentale, Alternativo, Ambient


A new single by Jude with Lemonade.
Thanks to Lemonade for one of the best lyrics I've ever read, and for her voice! Here are the lyrics...

are you dreaming tonight?

tossing and turning
in galaxies so bright
your star ships rotating in the light

the sun is so much brighter
out here

all the mirrors pointing
in the stratosphere

all the energy of stars
they travel
they're shining here

galaxies are spinning into each other

black holes kissing
black holes
spinning tunnels of light

is this what you’re dreaming tonight?

oh how I wish

oh how I wish the stars would come down

tell me how they started
this time around

every moment
we are twisting

I just want to know
what they’re twisting about….

is this what you’re dreaming about?

all this glowing dust
that shapes the void?

all these galaxies
all the stars we know nothing about
is this what you’re losing sleep over?

all the places we will never see
all the space
all the stars..

they’re glowing…nothing you see is here
a thousand years ago
you should go to sleep....
they’re just memories you know


Music: Jude
Lyrics: Lemonade
Keyboards, Sinth, Guitars, Bass: Jude
Voice: Lemonade
Graphics: Lemonade
Sampled Drums
Production: Rabbits Recording Studio
© All rights reserved


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