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if only i could have
fingers not wings
wings not fingers

if only I had a sunny room
I’d sleep all afternoon and
dream dream dream

if only I could be

i’d fly so fast and so high,
to far off lands you don’t know
i’d go so high
to far off lands you can’t go
i’d go

all I do is shout :
wings not fingers,
fingers not wings
I'm going to tumble hard

all I do is shout: is this it?
is this all we're made of?
can I hold you now?

doesn’t everyone dream together?
Don’t you think love
will cover us this like this?

i begin to see
what a long long way
I am from

such a long long way

can i hold your hand
i want to start dreaming

is this it?
doesn’t everyone dream together?

why are we so far apart?
we come together

i feel
so low
why do I stay so low
can't stop so low

i can never reach the sun

I stay so low
so low low low
can’t stop myself
i hurt myself
I disappoint
i hurt myself
i can’t resign my life

i am so low low low
don’t you understand
i never reach you

every step I take you fly off
like a startled bird

startled and i feel so low..

every step I take you fly off like a bird
startled and I feel so

(Lyrics and voice by lemonade)


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Music: Castagna Carlo
Voice and text: Lemonade
Production: Nicolò Spezialetti/Castagna Carlo
Graphic: Lemonade

Keyboards, Synth, Bass, Guitars: Castagna Carlo
Drum and electronic percussions sampled


La canzone Low si trova nell'album SHOUT Jude Ft. Lemonade (Ep) uscito nel 2018.

Copertina dell'album SHOUT Jude Ft. Lemonade (Ep), di Jude

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