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i say we’re blind
who knows the future

You say you see everything
so clear
no fear

you say we will live forever
our arms warm in sunshine

Can you see
the ever after?

Do we begin again
every year like flowers?
Do we grow taller
like the trees
our trust vaster than forests
until we lose our leaves
and winter
our coldest fears
do we survive this pain

Or do we burn
until there’s nothing left
of our love?

Can you see
through all the smoke and tears

Can you see
the end of us?

Do we bloom again
for others
or is there nothing left of us

Is this the end of us?
can you see
the end of us?

Tell me
do I know you
and were we happy back then?

Do you know me
and were we happy back then?

(Lyrics and voice by lemonade)


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Music: Castagna Carlo
Voice and text: Lemonade
production: Nicolò Spezialetti/Castagna Carlo
Graphic: Lemonade

Keyboards, Synth, Guitars, Bass: Castagna Carlo
Drum and electronic percussions sampled

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La canzone The ever after si trova nell'album SHOUT Jude Ft. Lemonade (Ep) uscito nel 2018.

Copertina dell'album SHOUT Jude Ft. Lemonade (Ep), di Jude

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