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white afternoon
so holy
i turn round and round
on the stones
they tell me
you’re far away
and full of thoughts
just not of me

white afternoon
so holy

all the smoke and ash
have told me
i turn and turn
i turn the sky and sun
and moon
wind them around me

tell me
tell me what does tomorrow bring
stars shooting in the sky
tell me

what do you bring
what things unfold

i need to know
if there is anything for me.

is there anything for me


will it bring me something i don’t have today.


Music: Carlo Castagna Lyrics: Lemonade Synth, Keyboards, Bass, Guitars: Castagna Carlo Voice: Lemonade Graphics: Piera Persia Production: Castagna Carlo Battery & Pecussions sampled


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La canzone White Afternoon si trova nell'album Galaxies - Jude ft. Lemonade uscito nel 2021 per Routenote.

Copertina dell'album Galaxies - Jude ft. Lemonade, di Jude
Copertina dell'album Galaxies - Jude ft. Lemonade, di Jude

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