Greatest Hits

Greatest Hits

Coloured Sweat

2017 - Sperimentale, Rock, Funk


We get hit in many ways. It can be bad, it can be good, but in any case you learn something. In the worst case scenario: “DREK JE ŠULA” (shit is school). It’s like to be IN THE GARDEN of possibilities, where you are SEARCHING for or thinking of reaching 20.000 things. Too many. It’s good to calm down, see where you are, and focus on something. looking to the HOURGLASS only helps you to be late. Taking risks makes you secrete gallons of COLOURED SWEAT, but remember that CAMELS in the desert learned not to sweat! Sometimes you just pray for ST. JAMES and things go in the best way, but be careful on the road: the “BIGA” is not only the little cart used by the Romans... and in the end you finally drink a good glass of wine; it doesn’t matter how much SULFITE you just drank.


Matteo Formigli — vocals & guitar
Martin Guštin — bass recordings
Jakob Jugovic — saxophone
Marko Jugovic — drums, percussion, vocals
Matjaž Kafol — trombone
Peter Kovačič — bass recordings
Ilija Ota — vocals, guitar, organ, bass
Milan Ota — bass recordings

Tracks (except 3) recorded @ Track Terminal, Fernetti (TS),
mixed by Francesco “Bardy” Bardaro and Ilija Ota,
mastered by Alessandro “Sandro” Perosa
Track 3 recorded, mixed and mastered by 3rd Alley Recording Studio, Popoli (PE)
Track 7 is recorded with Kalc Guitars

Mattia Agostinis, Francesco Bardaro, Aleksander Bruss, Andreja Bruss, Mathias Butul, Peppe Dilillo, Martin Guštin, Miloš Jugovic, Aljoša Kalc, Peter Kovačič, Milan Ota, Gianfranco Paliaga, Giacomo Perco, Alessandro Perosa, Federico Seraffni, Fiat 238

© 2017 Coloured Sweat
All rights reserved


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