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Testo della canzone

If we talk about animals the most
smokable are camels
I'm red, I'm hot, call me the devil
I play guitar but without a pedal
you want to hit me? I am on another level
supreme like the snowboard game I used to play in 9th grade
well my name is grey I may
be the lazy crazy element irrelevant
experiment, cold inside like an elephant

All these things seem difficult

I'm a King Bee buzzin' around your hive
gonna escape from Maggie's farm dead and alive
I'm the sickest I rip I repeat it I'm wicked
I trick the beat speakin' I'm equipped and quick kickin'
the wreck of a Beckett text stressed on the last syllable
so it sounds like Beckètt
what did you say? This song is weird?
follow the camel 'cause the meaning is clear

Well you can do everything you want
but it's a fact son I am crazy
you can call the doctors whoever you want
but it's a fact son music's amazing

Album che contiene Camels

album Tracce recuperate Coloured Sweat
Tracce recuperate 2014 - Rock, Funk, Blues

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