Darlyn Vlys is a electronic & synhpop musician from France but based in Valencia (Spain)

A charming french look and charismatic sound, inspired by various genres of music and combined with a great love for details. This is what makes Darlyn Vlys unique. While studying filmarts in Montpellier he got more and more fascinated by artists from the electronic music scene. He went to Valencia and created his own sound, which is although electronic synthpop, but rather special due to jazz and cinematic influences.

From very young, especially in university days, he played in different bands. A lot of rock! Instruments he can play are: guitar, keyboards, bass, and drums.

He was always fascinated by electronic music. He draws from influences such as Vitalic, Royksopp, M83, Daft Punk, The Chemicals Brothers… and film soundtracks composers: Giorgio Morder, Vangelis, Eric Serra, Cliff Martinez, or Joe Hisaishi.