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"I Never Thought You Would Come Along" is our first work, a 5-track EP recorded in mid-December 2013. We think this would be the perfect introduction to our sound: dense, melodic, dreamy, atmospheric and inspiring, with the right mix of light and shadows, and a touch of 1980's Punk/Darkwave and 1990's shoegaze for those who miss the pre-digital era. The EP download package ( includes five colorful bonus cards, all crafted by the band: one for each song, with an extra single cover and the lyrics to each track. You'll also find the back cover and the inside booklet there, with credits and other details. We created images and design to match the mood and the story behind each song, and hope you'll like it.


Produced by Dear Baby Deer
Lilia: Vocals
G: All Instruments, Backing Vocals

Recorded & Mixed by Tiresia @ ColonnellaSound, December 2013
Backing vocals on Motion Sickness: LorElle

Music, Lyrics & Artwork: © G. Spezza, All Rights Reserved

'Gone' was originally recorded at Moozak Studios by ArtistaSadico, September 2013.
Remastered by Tiresia

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