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album Tryst (Mini-LP) - Dear Baby Deer
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"Tryst" follows our first release ("I never thought you would come along"), and expands on sonic landscapes of reverb, soft voices, intertwined guitar tracks and electronic beats. "Tryst" will be available from November 2014 on bandcamp, followed by release on major digital outlets (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc).


Written, Arranged & Produced by G.Spezza


G: All Instruments, Vocals
Lilia: Additional Vocals
LorElle (2 fates): Additional Vocals

Mixed & Mastered by Tiresia (2 Fates), Colonnella Sound, Sep'14.
Music & Lyrics © G. Spezza, All Rights Reserved
Cover Art: Lia Cavo (liacavo.tumblr.com)


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