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Dismal Faith present their debut full-lenght "Morph" produced at prestigious Nadir Music Studios in Genoa (Italy) by Italian metal guru and Sadist's mastermind Tommy Talamanca. In this album they have been able to mix in a very personal blend elements from different extreme genres such as Death, Black, Thrash, Nu, HC, Deathcore, Metalcore and Groove. Hallmark of the band are: sharp guitars, granitic bass lines, warlike drumming, and an incisive vocal performance.
Dismal Faith already shared the stage with Unearth, Cadaveria, Sadist, Anaal Nathraak, Secrete Sphere, Hierophant, Xibalba, Kuadra, Bleed Someone Dry, Insane Theraphy (and many others) proposing themself as a new and fresh sensation in the extreme metal scene, still working on their music and always evolving in new directions.


Leon MG: Voice
Kochis: Bass & Voice
Sikk: Drums & Electronics
Tose: Guitar


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