Biografia Dola J. Chaplin (Official)

Abandoned love
Abandoned children in love
Abandoned innocense and purity
Abandoned simplicity
Abandoned summer days and windblown fields
I remember they used to grow corn there
Knee high by the 4th of July
Abandoned sheets blowing through the sky
Abandoned soft hills and laughter
Abandoned sunshine and evening fireflies
On your birthday that one year they came in millions for us
Abandoned snail trails of tar across your street
Abandoned dreams together lying in your bed
Abandoned hope and promise
My 12 mile ride and the flashing road sign
Your Abandoned pond with a little abandoned boat near the fox hole
Abandoned summer heat and dried roses hanging on your walls
Abandoned dances and walks through the park with your dog
Abandoned tang tops and the smell of your hair
Abandoned carpets leading to your door
I used to pick you up and carry you to bed asleep
You would tuck your head on my chest
Abandoned shyness
Abandoned telephone calls staring across my window at night
waiting for tomorrow
Abandoned ear rings that you still have on in every photograph
I bought those for you on your birthday
And you wear them maybe for us
Abandoned birthdays
Abandoned days of longing and poems to be together
Our abandoned black book under your bed
Abandoned vase and sculptures
Your abandoned glass door I would knock on silently
Abandoned piano room and the angel wing begonia
that continues to grow.

album out may 2012

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