Summertime Ep

Summertime Ep


2013 - Psichedelia, Pop


"Summertime" is the first glimpse of new material from Echopark. For Antonio "Trees" was something that fought to be imperfect. It was a work full of errors, raw sounds and millions of voices overlapping, given birth during days off and weekends. The goal was to capture and freeze the moment when a song comes to light, the emotions that fill the air at that precise instant. "Summertime" continues that aesthetic, but with the guitars dialed down and a slightly
slicker production. The single comes backed with three remixes of "Treesʼ" tracks by Indian Wells, labelmates Life & Limb and Mexican Summerʼs Spectral Park.

Antonioʼs hometown is Lecce, Italyʼs equivalent of LAʼs Echo Park. Known as the “California of Italy” Lecce, is located in the south of the country, a paradise where it is always warm & home to an ardent underground movement of bands, skaters & surfers.

Antonioʼs first contact with music came aged five. While his father was out working, heʼd steal his guitar and play. From thirteen onwards Antonio has gigged, all over Italy and elsewhere. The stage is where he feels most strong, most confident. Echopark made the transition from bedroom to concert venue in early 2013, with a full band assembled, and this winter sees the group inject some sunshine once again with a handful of live shows in support of "Summertime".


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