EpisThemE - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Endless Apathy



Testo della canzone

flowing before my eyes
trying to stop it, trying to catch it
running out of my sight, take me

a shroud of misery
covers my mind and makes me sleep
sucking me dry, I have no power left
in my empty…body

my empty soul
feed me with anger, feed me with love
take me out of my cold, feel me

a shroud of misery
covers my mind and make me sleep
sucking me dry I’m feeling powerless
in my own dreams

black poison fills, all hopes leave
turning myself into what I couldn’t ever be

pain, fill me with all your frustration
say it, there is no way to release me
now trying to stop all the ambitions
say it, there is no chance now to free me

s for silence, m for mediocrity
v for violence, i for this insanity

let me drown in your embrace and believe me
let me taste and leave no trace, then retrieve me

Album che contiene Endless Apathy

album Descending Patterns - EpisThemEDescending Patterns
2014 - Progressive, Death metal
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