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nemesis of the living found there
the first blood was spilled, it bites so deep
evil seed for a massive destruction
sown in such a fertile soil

used to look to the sky from behind a tight window
sunny afternoon blessing from above
hanging down the phone she started weeping

misuse of power, shame’s on you
divide and control is all you arrange
a sense of violation almost turns into hate

I cannot bear this lie, there’s no guiding light
how d’you want me to stand in line?

erase that frame, show no mercy
wash your mind off, spill the infected blood
suffering from intoxication which poisoned all my thoughts

I cannot bear this lie, there’s no heaven’s light
how can you put all these hopes by my side?

take all these portraits out of my mind
they often come to drive me wild
still, like sculptures in my soul
they make me thrill, they take my blood and they let it boil

Album che contiene Erase That Frame

album Descending Patterns EpisThemE
Descending Patterns 2014 - Progressive, Death metal

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