EpisThemE - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Nέμεσις



Testo della canzone

when pain is caressed by dark gray clouds
and sky resembles a stormy sea upside down
when rain comes pouring down and horizon disappears

let me cherish your anguish, erase fatalities
find your essence through pain, I am nemesis

when joy comes to you kissed by sunlight
it’s never enough as you’re asking for more
and her smiling eyes are giving you
everything you thought you would ever need

I will bury you in anguish, wall you up with fatalities
drown your essence in pain, I am nemesis

the deepest sea within
the darkest light surrounding
born from Oceanus and night

bring us balance, equilibrium
bring us justice, bring us equilibrium

Album che contiene Nέμεσις

album Descending Patterns - EpisThemEDescending Patterns
2014 - Progressive, Death metal
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