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Testo della canzone

erase the fears before rejection
indeed I have no interest on your pseudo-affection
as it sinks down

all I see is a blinded hallucination
frozen paroxysm
try to get rid of the pain that they give
noiseless inner riot

wounded spirit defies me to desecrate
all the good that’s left in my heart
ripping deeply to the marrow of my soul
broken exploit, silent screaming

plain void is inside my head
mindless involution
try to release all the turmoils in me
useless information

and I will build my cage, suffocating silently
lie to me once more, get buried deep in me

and I will feel the same growing seeds of apathy
in my empty rooms I dwell evermore

Album che contiene Silent Screaming

album Descending Patterns - EpisThemE
Descending Patterns 2014 - Progressive, Death metal

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