Eveline's Dust

2019 - Rock, Progressive, Nu jazz


The Band:
Nicola Pedreschi - Keyboards and vocals
Lorenzo Gherarducci - Guitar
Marco Carloni - Bass
Angelo Carmignani – Drum

Lorenza Catricalà – Vocals
Federico Avella – Sax, transverse flute

Eveline’s Dust are a Neo-Prog/Progressive-Rock project active since 2012, year in which they published their first work, the EP “Time Changes”. They dedicated the following years to an intense live calendar, while working on the composition of their concept album, “The Painkeeper”, published in 2016 with Lizard Records and GDC Rock Promotions.
“The Painkeeper” received an unexpected success, with great reviews from all over the world, including important magazines like Prog Magazine and Prog Magazine Italy. The band managed to take “The Painkeeper, live show” all over the country and abroad, even on the stage of prestigious festivals such as the 2Days +1 of Prog of Veruno and the Prog Day of the Fiera Internazionale della Musica.
The live activity related to “The Painkeeper” ended with the Germany tour in 2017. In the following months Eveline’s Dust worked on the composition of their new work, which they recorded in July 2018: the new concept album, “K”.
At the beginning of 2019 they sign with GEP RECORDS, with which will be released the new album on April 8th, and manage to arrange tour dates in Italy and Europe.

“K” - Concept Album
In this album, full of Neo-Progressive Rock sounds enriched with modern Jazz-Rock influences, they wish to tell the story of a girl, K, whose life is inevitably affected by an incurable illness.
The pieces that compose this colorful, yet melancholic, portrait of a life are described, one by one, by the people that K meets in her life: her family, her friends, her lovers; people that have been by her side since the very first moment, and others that only briefly cross her path.
K is apparently helpless and fragile but, as the words of those who love her, randomly encounter her, of those who make her happy or who hurt her suggest, she is actually gifted with a contagious strength: even in her darkest hour she fights her demons by singing; with her voice she can carry anyone and embrace any challenge.
K is an extraordinary little girl, a heroine, forced to fight for her existence and her dignity, yet she represents a little part of all of us: hers is that feeble voice, deep in all of our hearts, that pushes us to fight for what makes us happy, what makes us at peace, be it even simple as breathing.


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