The Painkeeper

The Painkeeper

Eveline's Dust

2016 - Rock, Progressive, Nu jazz


NICOLA PEDRESCHI: keyboards and vocals
Eveline’s Dust are a four members band, formed in 2012, whose music is inspired by both past, ‘70s Italian and English progressive rock (Perigeo, Banco DMS, King Crimson and Genesis), and modern PROG: Steven Wilson above all.
They’re debut album, “Time Changes”, was released in January 2013, followed by an intense live schedule. In summer 2015 ED perform as Max Gazzè’s opening actat Metarock Mare (Marina di Pisa). On August 23rd the band win “Terramare contest”, a competition organized by Barga Jazz (LU). In September ED start a crowdfunding campaign, through Musicraiser, to raise funds for the realization of their new album, a concept album, “The Painkeeper”. The campaign is succesful and in 2016 the band start their collaboration with Lizard Records for the album’s release. “The Painkeeper” is a concept album was first inspired by a poem, “Il Custode di dolori”, written by Federico Vittori, young intellectual of the Pisa area and close friend of the band members. In a quiet village, surrounded by an oppressive fog, people lead their rural lives with resignation. At the end of Sunday Mass, in front of the priest, exhausted by his followers’ depression, a dark man rises from the crowd. He, an obscure preacher, introduces himself as “The Painkeeper”, capable of setting any sad soul free from its afflictions: all he requires is sign of consent. The villagers shout a vigorous, common “Yes”. The sun starts shining again upon the valley, the fog vanishes and live seems to start flowing in people’s veins again. What the men and women of the village do not know initially, yet they realize after some time, is that they agreed to give up much more than their pains: the Painkeeper took their dreams, depriving them of the ability to imagine a better existence and that is why they’re now capable of being happy with their condition.
Having ED signed with GDC Rock Promotion, “The Painkeeper” (now available on iTunes, Spotify and all the major digital distribution channels) is ready for press and, above all, listeners


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