Volume Due

Volume Due

Federico Scarpa

2021 - Cantautoriale, Pop


Federico Scarpa (Federico Scarpa Bandelloni) is a guitar player and music composer based in Treviso (Italy). Multi-instrumentalist, he is fond of digital recording and is DJ since 2009.

He has been performing as guitarist in about 1000 gigs for 20 years playing Italian beat music with “I Ragazzi del beat” from 2000 to 2008 and with "Onde Beat" (co-founder) starting from 2009 to present (www.ondebeat.it).

Onde Beat is a live performing band playing in major events for over 10 years, that released a music album called “Molto Beat” in 2015, which includes 3 original tracks written by Federico Scarpa, including the single track “Le Biciclette”.

In 2020 he produces and records his solo album “Il momento giusto”, including 6 original songs and 2 cover songs. On July 2021 the new solo album called "Federico Scarpa - Volume Due" will be released

In September 2021 will be released a pop-blues album of 14 songs in english, called "Bisca" written and recorded with the musician Massimiliano "Bitols" Pilotto


All the songs are written, played and recorded by Federico Scarpa Bandelloni
Federico Scarpa - Volume Due has been released in July 2021


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  • crazydiamond64 6 mesi Rispondi

    Disco bellissimo, un piacere ascoltarlo e riascoltarlo! Davvero merita !!!