Funky Buddha - Free Your Mind testo lyric


Just free your mind, let’s see what you find
how deep is the ocean?
We feel true devotion
Almost blue my emotions
Let us take you to a journey with no physical motion
Come aboard the musical vessel
Our power
accord to the chords passel
Tangible world is a sand castle
And it’s diving in acquarius, Barney Kessel
Let’s amble, dimension is ample
What my ensemble resemble depends on the angle
No vibe my tribe ain’t able to handle
Let’s dandle and dangle on the rhythm we jangle
C’mon, stay mellow in the melody
(yeah) show love and no jealousy
Feeling bad? Here’s the remedy
Stay fly, be inspired like Heavy D
Just free your mind, let’s see what you find
Higher than the world, living in my dreams
Words shine bright like moon beams
Reflection of the spirit, you hear it
Singing and body swinging because you near it
Realize you’re part of a holistic plan
No religion, I’m a mystic man
Fame is brief flame somehow nobody
Knows you when you down and out
But I couldn’t care less
Food for thought, all my people stay bless
Truth be told it’s good as it gets
Cuz I express what I couldn’t repress
Living on solid air, still feel fine
You hold me yours, I give you mine
Fell victim when hate caged us
Still alive cuz music saved us
Just free your mind, let’s see what you find
no future without imagination
One world and not many nations
But I mean no clone domination
Mo like unity and self elevation
Liquid vibrations, musical seas
Move classy like Duke on keys
And Babylon will never make you fall
Take control of your own soul
You see...the needle walks thru
Narrow black valleys, meanwhile
Its struggle become songs and talks,
Metaphor of life
Sit back and relax your mind
Attend, don’t
pretend to be blind
Like my crew’s name got nothing to lose
Peace on me like John Lee Playing the blues


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La canzone Free Your Mind si trova nell'album How That Sound?!?! uscito nel 2017.

Copertina dell'album How That Sound?!?!, di Funky Buddha

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