Funky Buddha - My Colour Is Funk Feat. Donel Smokes testo lyric


When the fingers snap and the hands gon clap
Y’all know what time is that...
My mum was raised with smith and carlos hangin on her wall
El Che and visions of Gandhi on the road
Born with my fist to the sun
with that in my blood me,
I couldn’t be numb
I couldn’t be one of the slave that never wake up
Pops said child when you down you gotta get up
Betta be the backup when people need it
True that, matter fact you won’t see me be greedy
Know how I do I support the cause
Cause since 92 been a rebel without a pause
They impose, we stand tall so won’t fall
Our time is now don’t wait for no call
Without freedom peace has a brief longevity
Keep ya billions, I prefer my integrity
Smash ya fake theories hard
like a Wilkins dunk
no discrimination, my color is funk

My color and funk related generatin a luv that can never be hated
Soul flee dedicated to the vibe can you dig it?
We wildin out Parliament style
Forget the critics
This is all live its all for the love
Circulatin world wide and from up above
No push no shove for the groove yo
Funk levels with a soul attitude
All invited providin that we all on the same page
Soul rebels go hard when we on stage
All fun no jive its a feelin
Hands up risen to ceeling its a family affair and i always keep my family aware
if they agree i dont even care we still funked out
Nothing like a true school shake down
Fuck the fight get em ready for the break down


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La canzone My Colour Is Funk Feat. Donel Smokes si trova nell'album How That Sound?!?! uscito nel 2017.

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