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Credits Ithaca

Going Indigo©2012

Testo della canzone

Name your home
Then you can take a trip on your own
Ithaca is a dear damned place
Where I can forget my face
And my needs
Shallow water blue coast
I don't mind anything at all
A bell jar without any hole
Mists up while I wait for the morn
Sun doesn't make a sound
And fate is my shadow on the ground

Tell me what you need
I will do the same believe me
Every intention quickly worn
Seems to slip down on the floor
Of this new and silent invisible sea
Where every kind of horror can be seen
What do we know about our days?
Who really lives in a daze ?
Who floats at the mercy of the tide
Or who plots the same course every time?

Goodbye time
You don't have a definite place in my mind
Ithaca is far or maybe is behind
Even If I'm steady and fine
I will bury dad and mommy someday
And maybe I won't be able to cry
But I'm afraid, I am afraid
I'll end up sailing in the same way
Waves send out scents around
And future is a flat line on the background

They say man never has changed
And every man needs a den
Where to wait for his end
You hold my crown of childhood games
So put it on my head
Ignoring all the deads
That I carelessly left at my back

Album che contiene Ithaca

album ep - Going Indigo
ep 2012 - Indie, Folk

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