Going Indigo The Absence Of It Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Going Indigo The Absence Of It Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Psichedelico, Indie, Folk 

Modena, Emilia Romagna


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Credits The Absence Of It

Going Indigo©2012

Testo della canzone

They told me I had a chance
I said I would leave for a tin of cents
Where is my vest?
There's a time to do anything for living
I pack up my worries
About this and about that
I rub my hands
It's cold and my dog is guarding my dream
'Cause the absence of it
Makes every kind of land a hell

They told me I had a chance
I brushed up all the grandpa's guns
Affection's a mess, my mood
Is a drunkard on the moon
The meadow is still
And it is becoming wet
There isn't trace of sunset
A black cloud defies my hope
Well the absence of it
Forces you to enjoy better the dawn

Where are you?
How are you?
Here I am fine
I've got plenty of pasta and wine
Every time
This is our home sweet home
Never go
Never go

Orion is pale
The Great Bear it seems to run away
I'm hating someone
It is really nothing to brag about
The wall is so high
That covers sparks in the sky
Some old friends have gone
And my girls are outlaws
I'm sure of one thing
I'll keep laughing of everything

I don't know where we are
It should not be so far
Wander aimlessly among the dogs that bark
Never asked to be here
Been years since I shed tears

You can search for any answer
But you have to be a racer

I don't want it
I don't want it

Album che contiene The Absence Of It

album ep - Going Indigo
ep 2012 - Indie, Folk

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