Glass Cosmos CHRONO Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics



Descrizione CHRONO

CHRONO: single by GLASS COSMOS (2013).

Track listing
1. “CHRONO” – 4:36

Credits CHRONO

Audio Production by Francesco James Dini

Recording / Mixing by Jack Garufi
Mastering by Alberto Cutolo

Testo della canzone

And the fights are not draining our time anymore and time it seems to bring an olive branch to our hearts.

Beyond the haze our magic seems to stand fierce against oblivion and it hurts, still it hurts.

The breeze and the lights, my hands in your thighs, i can't escape the magic;
the sheets on the floor, your head on the door, i can't escape the magic my love.

I'm chasing our myth but time, i'm sure, will see me through and on my way to you, the pits i meet, will see me through.
But our words float like smoke over inner fight and we can't bat down our eyes and see our dice already stopped.

We don't need truths, we cannot fool our hearts that lie beyond our reasons and it hurts, still it hurts.

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