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Testo della canzone

And in your arms i always felt like the brightest star
Oh darling in your pity words i found my finest hour
But what did you make of the creep that poured from me
A lonesome ego built and fading through his walls of apathy

Do you want some
Thirty and gone
Thirsty and drawn
Walk in the battle..

Would you wipe your tired dreams and let them go
Or would you try another shot at the end of the rope
Bleak skies ‘n alienating streets it’s where my spirit corrodes
Flourish gems of self devotion as the torch grows always cold

Do you want some
Thirty and gone
Thirsty and drawn
Walk in the battle that your dad won

Do you ever think of not coming back
And feed the cold steel, know you won’t be back
And feel how good it is to earn your place
Lay down your milestone and let it rest

Feed the cold steel
Never be back
Feed the cold steel

Album che contiene Milestone

album Disguise Of The Species Glass Cosmos
Disguise Of The Species 2014 - Rock, Alternativo

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