Descrizione a cura della band

Sister Beheading (04:02)
Stalemate to Heaven (04:05)
Scared by a Thousand Suns (04:36)

In August 2012 Stefano, Claudio and Simone, coming from the Beyond the Unholy Truth common experience, decide to give birth to a brand new death metal band,
choosing to name it Godless Enthropia. Their main mean and goal is the unifiying process of 90's beloved death metal and modern technique influences,
transcendently, trying to achieve an impactful sound, a unique concept and some advanced rhythm solutions.
While starting a renewed effort in music-writing, lyric writing and an accurate work of arrangement, some tryouts for the lead vocals get done,
and Fabio comes as the fit one. After another share of fulfilling work on new songs and live sessions, Godless Enthropia got finally recording
their first studio effore at Alarm Studio in Turin, aided by the mastery sound engineering of Alessio Sogno. While on-stage tasks and fun keep going,
the band complete their EP, entitling it "Dystopian Metaphors", with the "Sister Beheading" music video, shot in Autumn 2013 with the outstanding aid
of Giovanni Chiricosta and Raoul Dalboni on directing and producing, plus the one coming from two amazing ladies: Krizia as the main actress and
Irene Comin as the make-up artist.
"Dystopian Metaphors" got released on December 3, 2012, while the effort on new songs and new live shows keeps going!


Free download:
Sister Beheding music video:

Released 03 December 2013
All tracks from "Dystopian Metaphors" recorded at Alarm Studio (Turin, Italy), engineered by Alessio Sogno
Music main structure composed by Stefano Momo
All tracks arranged by Stefano Momo, Claudio Colla and Simone Cottura
All lyrics written by Claudio Colla
All vocal lines and metrics composed by Claudio Colla, arranged by Claudio Colla and Fabio Rapetti
Whispery backing vocals in "Stalemate to Heaven" performed by Claudio Colla

The band wholeheartedly thank Alessio Sogno for "Caves" and "E V P" samples.

Brief movie samples:
"Twin Peaks", performed by Michael J. Anderson, directed by David Lynch (1991)
"Kill Bill vol. 1", performed by Chiaki Kuriyama, directed by Quentin Tarantino (2003)
"Watchmen", performed by Jackie Earle Haley and Patrick Wilson, directed by Zack Snyder (2009)


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