Grand Drifter - Silent Brother testo lyric


The winter light
stands on your lonesome whispers.
If they fade away
watch through the screen of silence.
Now the winter’s movie plays
but no one’s wonder
if they still fade away,
they keep on talking.

All I have to do
is to let my silence shine.

The sunshine comes
to enlighten the Handsome.
A blind fold paper ships,
They dreams the sailors gambling.
Like a streetlamp left alone
not sure how should I feel.
If they might fade away
well, ain’t nothing better.

All I have to do
is to let my silence shine.


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Andrea Calvo: vocals, harmonies, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica
Francesco Ghiazza: accordion
Cinzia Traversa: backing vocals
Fabrizio Racchi: drums
Roberto Ghiazza: bass


La canzone Silent Brother si trova nell'album Lost Spring Songs uscito nel 2017 per Sciopero Records, Self Distribuzione S.p.A..

Copertina dell'album Lost Spring Songs, di Grand Drifter

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