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Testo della canzone

There's cold outside
and the blaze is
calling me up.
My hands are burning
the trunk is my head
and is burning down.
I need some water to quell my soul
dust is dust and nothing more.
But this fire is allowed
to wipe out the most inglorious part of me
you won't recognize it...

And there's no happy ending,
but you can see the point, oh you…
An there's no open entrance,
and I can see the point,

My body is charred
and the blaze is washed out.
The dust is vanished,
and my reflection is what remains.
Burning blankets, burning hair,
burning people running towards the streets
and what could I believe?
I was feeling the difference, I was feeling the indifference
and then I'm not,
but the bad part is gone.

And there's a happy ending,
And you can see the point of view…
An there's an open entrance,
and you can see the point of me…

Album che contiene Blaze

album Not a city, not a name EP - HILONot a city, not a name EP
2013 - Pop, Folk, Acustico
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