Iggy & his Booze - Long way to go testo lyric


You know loving someone ain’t an easy game
There are a lot of rules and they’re never the same
So when you think you’re winning
It’s the moment that you have lost

Sometimes iIfeel so strange it’s something hard to explain
My heart’s beating so fast i think I’m in love again
but I hear a voice inside
that advises me to think about

I’ve got a long way to go

So when you put me down with your cruel word
Is the time when i understand

We’ve got a long way to go

And walking step by step the long street of our life
Understanding that love is just a lie
And living day by day playing the same old game
But we know

We’ve got a long way to go


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La canzone Long way to go si trova nell'album A place to call home uscito nel 2019 per iMusician.

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