A place to call home

A place to call home

Iggy & his Booze

2020 - Rock'n'roll


And so, rock’n’roll is slowly going out of fashion. Radio are playing old classics from the seventies or the eighties, everybody is so bound to the past that even the new bands try to look and sound exactly like the old rock gods (yeah, Greta Van Fleet, you too).
We, as usually, don’t care. We don’t know where the music is going nowadays, we don’t care to look or sound like this or that ol’band, we don’t even care if you like us or not.
We write our own music. We arrange our own music. We record, we mix, we produce, we publish our own music.
This is nothing but a way to find our way home, our tiny spot in this world.
Just one more step towards a place to call home.


Iggy: vocals, guitars, harmonica
Tizzy: guitars
Luca: piano, organ, backing vocals
Zello: bass
Greg: drums, backing vocals


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