Iggy & his Booze - Lies testo lyric


You don’t have to tell me lies
I can read into your eyes
it’s enough to understand what you feel

They can tell me all the truth
More than your voice can do
So you don’t have to explain, no

Turn off the light and come close t me
don’t say nothing just dry your eyes
Let your pain go away

All the things that we’ve done before
Are gone and you have to put them out of the door
Try to do it once again, if you can

Tomorrow will be a brand new day
A brand new game that we have to play
Something new in our life so dry your eyes

Uncork the bottle and fill my glass cause it’s getting dry
We can dream all night away

Light a candle on this dark night
Listen to your heart and follow that light


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La canzone Lies si trova nell'album A place to call home uscito nel 2019 per iMusician.

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