Iggy & his Booze - What I think testo lyric


People running and searching for something
Something that maybe they’ve never known
People are trying to reach for freedom
That for most of us is just a word

People are too busy to remember friends
It isn’t really easy to follow this way
People are fighting and they don’t know why
They just want to win they don’t care if you die

People are like robots they follow the mass
If you try to change something you get a kick in your ass
Go back in your line and follow your queue
You’re just like a number you are nothing else

There’s a competition all around the world
For everything you need, for everything you want
If you don’t believe me open your eyes
Look all around you and not at the clouds

All right my dear I could be so strange
With my old friend bottle, that’s what i see

I know my friend you can’t speak to me
You’re just a bottle so you can’t talk and think
But let me believe that I’m very drunk
So just let me think that I am wrong

People aren’t crazy I’m the mad one
It’s my imagination and nothing else
Tomorrow morning will be another day
A different bottle and a different way

All right my friend it’s a little bit late
I go in my bed and I just wait
For someone like you i don’t really know who
Someone to tell what I think about the world


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La canzone What I think si trova nell'album A place to call home uscito nel 2019 per iMusician.

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