Kaleido Trip

Kaleido Trip

Kaleido Trip

2019 - Jazz, Funk, R&B


Kaleido Trip is a journey through the groovier side of jazz-fusion: a kaleidoscope of black music, where back-beats, gospel feeling, modern harmony, melody, rhythmic and sound experimentation blend together.


Produced by Manlio Cangelli & Kaleido Trip
Recorded at MC Harmony Studios by Manlio Cangelli & Alessandro Cavagna
Mixed and mastered by Davide Capoferri
Artwork by Daniele Spreafico & Matteo Belotti

Davide Capoferri, guitar
Matteo Belotti, bass
Luca Bongiovanni, drums
Marco Scotti, alto sax on tracks 2 & 3


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