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Screens make you disappear
Is there anybody out here?
Nobody cares, nobody knows
Which way to go
Where do the wind blows

Trills unbearably repetitive
Signals barely hearable
Runaway like a fugitive
Seals bravely openable

(Down down down)
Down is how I’m feeling / falling
(Loud loud loud)
Loud is how I’m screaming / callin (
Drawn drawn drawn)
Drawn is my reflection in the mirror
La La La
La La La La La

Still swings this sense of fear
N I’m trying to find any kind of peace in my mind
But Nobody scares me, not anymore
Everything’s accessible
Now that I’m invisible
That’s why
(Down down down)
Down is where I’m falling
(Loud loud loud)
Loud is how I’m calling
(Drawn drawn drawn)
Words drawn on the mirror
La La La
La la la


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La canzone Scream si trova nell'album Daydream uscito nel 2020.

Copertina dell'album Daydream, di LOBOS

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