Landslide - Hard 'n Heavy - Just Roving testo lyric


Oh every rose has its thorne
Everybody feels himself alone
Everybody wants the last bone
I want to come back home
And everytime that I'm afraid
I breath the cool breeze of the air
I feel sad on this way
The joy has run away

Sorrow or joy
Tong Binh or Hanoi
River or sea
What there's now inside of me?

So, where do we go now?
What are we born for?
Where will I go, oh?
I don't know
Looking for something
Looking for someone
Maybe I'm just roving
But I'll dream on

Just dream on

And I don't know what I want
And I don't know what I need
I'm just skin and bones
I want to come back home
I've been around the world
I've listened millions of words
I've played hundreds of chords
But I still am alone

Pleasance or pain
Loss or gain?
Down or up
What there's now into my cup?



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Forse questo testo è l’emblema di quel periodo in cui la band era in “separazione forzata”, tinte di malinco-nia e insicurezza sempre con matrice hard rock.


Testo: N. Feo
Musica: M. Giordano


La canzone Just Roving si trova nell'album A Hexagonal Experience uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album A Hexagonal Experience, di Landslide - Hard 'n Heavy

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