Landslide - Hard 'n Heavy - Neon Light Rose testo lyric


Neon Light Rose is open tonight
Under the rain a beggar is cryin'
Rivers of whiskey are flowin' inside
This the night for crash and die

Neon Light Rose is for dancers tonight
They're some girls with a second life
They've got no money for living their life
They've got no passport to leave aside the crime

Neon Light Rose!
Whiskey on the floor
Neon Light Rose!
Cocaine behind the doors
Neon Light Rose!
Cops are paid to go on
Neon Light Rose!

Neon Light Rose is the answer for crime
Everybody knows, but everybody lies
Everybody spends his time to complain
Now it's the moment but they say "It's all ok"

Neon Light Rose is immortal because
We can just cry without move over the rise
Maybe for us is a good good time
Complain and complain for the rest of the life


What we've got (Hey!)
What we had (Hey!)
Blatant crime (Hey!)

What we've got (Hey!)
What we had (Hey!)
Claimant crime (Hey!)

What we've got (Hey!)
What we had (Hey!)
Flagrant crime (Hey!)

What we've got (Hey!)
What we had (Hey!)
Ancient crime (Hey!)

What we've got, what we had, what I said


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Il “Neon Light Rose” si presenta come un locale, ma è in realtà una metafora dell’incontro fra l’omertà e l’hobby di lamentarsi senza mai cercare di fare qualcosa per migliorare.


Testo: N. Feo
Musica: N. Feo, M. Giordano

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La canzone Neon Light Rose si trova nell'album A Hexagonal Experience uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album A Hexagonal Experience, di Landslide - Hard 'n Heavy

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