Landslide - Hard 'n Heavy - Wild Fire testo lyric


Voices to my left
And some breathes on my right
I'd like to see them
Just for a little beat of time
"I see" means just "I understand"
I know world just with my hands
I've got open eyes
But you see, they are white

I see a black black hole
A deep 'n deep black hole
A deep 'n black black hole

I need a wild fire
Who takes me higher
I need a wild fire
To open my eyes
Wild fire inside
To get a new life
I need a wild fire
To light my time

The arms of my mother
Help me to grow up
The voice of my father
Leads me on the right track
But I'm no more a child
Protected from mankind
I see just with my touch
But now it's not enough

The world is for me
The world, it is for us
The world, it is for us


Oh wild fire, oh take me higher
Oh wild fire, take me higher
I need wild fire, so fuckin' fire
Oh fire, I need wild fire
Fire, fire, fire, fire
Higher, higher, high, higher
Fire, fire, fire, fire
Oh yes wild fire


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La canzone parla di un cieco dalla nascita, abituato a guardare il mondo senza vederlo.


Testo: N. Feo
Musica: M. Giordano

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La canzone Wild Fire si trova nell'album A Hexagonal Experience uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album A Hexagonal Experience, di Landslide - Hard 'n Heavy

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