Life & Limb is the collaboration between Andrea Mangia of
Lecce, Italy and Mike McGuire of New York. In 2006 the two
discovered each other’s solo recordings online under the
names Populous and Short Stories respectively. Shortly
thereafter came their first release, the single “Breathes the
Best”, released in 2006 on Morr Music.
After the two realized this partnership could be something
long-lasting their potential became clear with the 2008
release of full length ‘Drawn In Basic’, again on Morr Music.
With a love of De La Soul and the Smashing Pumpkins’
"Siamese Dream", the feedbacking guitars of My Bloody
Valentine and the synthesizers of Raymond Scott the album
garnered enthusiastic notes in the music press (see
opposite). ‘Drawn In Basic Remixed’ soon followed with
contributions from artists such as Teebs, Opiate, and
Harald Björk.
After a sabbatical working on other projects the two came
back together in 2011 with new material. The influences are
still broad, ranging from Flying Lotus and Broadcast to Will
Oldham. However the pair felt the new recordings were
more cohesive and diverged from their past work.
Accordingly, a new name seemed necessary. Life & Limb
was born. Enclaves is proud to release the new self-titled
album as a worldwide digital download with the