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Figure that the atoms in their dances can preserve some signs
Embracing with the others they exchange some information to bear in mind
They fall in love and then break up, monogamy is not their strength
By this attitude of fuckers they transmit knowledge of the universe

They know about everything, they look like a town blabbermouth
They meet for teatime doing little more than chewing the fat
They don’t watch tv shows and don’t like classes to attend
Hey, bad atomic guys, the street is your home and it taught you so much!

So much awareness in your skin
So little blood to connect it to your head
We have cosmos within our gut
But the arse is too narrow to bring it out
Sometimes atoms can be wrong
In choosing partners able to dance
For a waltz you need a dress code
Not jammies for the sleep of reason


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La canzone The Dance Of The Atoms si trova nell'album Besides Order uscito nel 2015.

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