LoveRecycle Blue & Gold Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

LoveRecycle Blue & Gold Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Rock, Alternativo 

Padova, Veneto



Testo della canzone

Blue in the sky sing for me,
hand in hand with the wind
I fly with my open arms,
not aware of my day

There's no one along my way
far from their senseless fights
far from their useless truths
a good kind of loneliness

You, queen of one heart, mine
I, king of a dream, mine
We will meet again here
A dream is a good place for a date

Gold in the sky shine for me
I want no shadows around
Safe and steady I will be
I need no balance here

Wings of angel over me
surprised to see me there
she smiles at me saying something
I will never forget

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album LoveRecycle - LoveRecycle
LoveRecycle 2014 - Rock, Alternativo

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