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Dust and Rust T&M di L.Burgalassi

I feel like I’m on the corner of a street
Waiting for someone
I feel like at the end of a long dream
Afraid of the dawn

I am looking for a passage in the night
i'm still searching for a light
dust and rust is all I have
and nothing more at all

And I know and I think.... I believe that.....
Something must have gone wrong
What I dream, what I wonder, I hope
now I really don’t know

I’m already…or just twenty two
How can I tell what is true?
Now that you, you’re going away, you too
I don’t even know what I’m loosing

but I know... and I think... I believe that...
Everything seems so wrong
And I dream... and I wonder...I hope
Now I really don’t know

Who am I?
What am I searching for?
Does anyone really care?
How much time? Tell me how long
will I be alone?

what I know.... what I think..... I believe that
Everything could go wrong
What I dream, what I wonder, I hope
I really don’t know


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Music and Lyrics by Luca Burgalassi
from the Album "Shadows and Fragments"
2015 Videoradio Editore

Luca Burgalassi: vocals, acoustic guitars, mandolin, banjo, dobro, harmonica, percussions
Ettore Fancelli: Drums
Nino Pellegrini: Double Bass
Stefano Lunardi: violin
Luca Bellofiore: accordion

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La canzone Dust and Rust si trova nell'album Shadows and Fragments uscito nel 2014 per Videoradio.

Copertina dell'album Shadows and Fragments, di Luca Burgalassi

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