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Descrizione a cura della band

Maurizio Abate rented a room in a isolated house in the mountains during the winter of 2013, bringing all his instruments there. Time was spent walking around, enjoying some dope in complete solitude and recording music at any time of the day.

Rather than being into this experience in a Thoreau sense, the surrounding landscape was just a background scenery to Maurizio, and the real immersion has been made in his room and in his head where all the sounds he had in mind were floating.

What Maurizio looked for was a way to boil down and aggregate togheter many influences he had in recent times, medita- tive krautism, traditional music and the inalienable passion for blues guitar.

Some of the tracks were sketches to work on, others were the result of long improvisations which has been rearranged and mixed when he got back home.
The record sees contributes from good ol’ friends like Rella the Woodcutter, BeMyDelay and Alberto Boccardi and features a piece of interview with Aldous Huxley on “Towards the Outside”

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