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Descrizione a cura della band

lyrics and music: elisa pucci
arranged by moseek
voice and guitar on all tracks: elisa pucci
drums on all tracks: davide malvi
keyboards/bass on crumb, something to dig, brotherhood can you wear, a
safe side, bad things, airs & graces: federico pisani/daniele toti
synth/bass on about choices, a room & a kitchen, mushroom, no man’s
land: fabrizio paduch/andrea falzarano
second voices on about choices: andrea falzarano, fabrizio paduch
special guest on crumb gianclaudio hashem moniri
recorded at kutso noise home, dott3m studios, nube azul recording
studios, tube studio
mixed at saint louis recording studios
mastered at plaster studios by gianclaudio hashem moniri
photographer massimo d’alessandro
art work thomas curzola

we would like to thank our family in every way. Tube’s family. Mirketto, our friends
dedicated to Damiano

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  • Zoe 01/08/2017 ore 11:34 @pinky.payne


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