From Italy with LOL:
Giovanni Manzoli since 1991, Natlek since 2012, when he begins to produce his music with his unconventional style, free from any kind of cataloging.
He loves pizza, hamburgers, diamonds, beer, bass, bass, bass and grumpy cat.
"Never say no to panda" but no panda say no to Natlek.

⚡ Delirium Crew ⚡ Fat Bass everywhere ⚡ No machines or fucking laptops ⚡ Shared the console along with international artists such as: Congorock | Gtronic | StereoHeroes | Pink is Punk | Nic Sarno | Dargen D'Amico | Salmo | Gigi Barocco | Cyberpunkers | Maztek | Dyro | and many more

09 Apr 2013. "Paki Beers" Ep (Lucky Beard Rec)
26 Nov 2012. "Oh Bama" (Wobble Records)
26 Oct 2012. "Ki" Ep (Sostanze Records) incl. Digi G'alessio Remix