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Debut album by OMAKE.
Released by Sherpa Records, 12th Feb 2015.


Produced by Davide Barbafiera.
Mixed by Davide Barbafiera, Nicola Ficeli.
Mastered by Nicola Ficeli.

All songs written by OMAKE.
Lyrics, Vocals, Acoustic Guitars (tracks #3, #4, #5), Synth (track #2)by OMAKE.
Drum machine, Sampler, Keybords, Synths, Talkbox (track #8) by Davide Barbafiera.
Electric Guitars (track #1, #2, #3, #5) by Tommaso Tanzini.
Acoustic Guitars (track #9) by Andrea Del Bravo.

Ambient, Drone (track #4) by A Safe Shelter.
Beats, Percussions, synths (track #6)by Machweo.

"Darkside / The Fighter" contains a sample of “Everything I Am”, by Kanye West (from the album “Graduation”, 2007, Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam)

Artwork: Mistobosco & OMAKE.


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