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Ken rides on the prairie
I drive in the city
Ken helps the weakest
I’m ashamed to do charity
Ken takes aim and shoots
I don’t know what to aim for
Ken comforts mom and dad
I do it too
Ken gets off his horse
I get out of my car
Ken knows where to go
I cannot find the way
Ken kills the criminals
I call 999
Ken gets the wrong lovers
I do it too
Ken jumps into the fire
I’m afraid to burn myself
Ken runs to the rescue
I prefer to step aside
Against all odds
You are killed by a young girl
And now how shall I
Face the rest of my days?
You and I together rode
Now your horse is left alone
Ken would have known
Would have known how to fight
Ken, help me learn
Help me learn how to fight
Ken would have known
Known how to fight
Ken, help me learn
Help me learn how to fight


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La canzone Ken si trova nell'album No Water In My Lake uscito nel 2019.

Copertina dell'album No Water In My Lake, di OP

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