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When every night
I walk on the moon
And every single day
I watch world face
And every life
Is nothing for sure
And every heartbeat
Is like nothing was
Do you feel safe
When every old man thinks
Life’s after dream?
Do you feel safe
When every young man fears
Life after, life after
Tears after dream
Night after light?

In this
Night of
Love I
Could touch the sky
Could learn
To learn
This man with this violin
Could change
The brain of this
These wise men

Can’t you see
Dream is in life like
Life is a dream
What we want
Is that nothing changes?
Why can’t you
Why can’t you
Where we are going
What have we done?

What we want
Is power
What we need
Is money
All that we want is to survive
What don’t we
Try to…
Try to, try to, try to, try to…


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La canzone Life After Dream si trova nell'album No Water In My Lake uscito nel 2019.

Copertina dell'album No Water In My Lake, di OP

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