The Sunset of my last breath

The Sunset of my last breath


2019 - Folk, Acustico, Black metal


Our First Ep demo " The Sunset of my last breath", this ep have a setting on a story of a man in coma who dream himself on romantic,dramatic and violent memories, and after the third track that is the start of the romantic and dramatic scene, this men dream his wife and all lovely memories with her,
until he reach the end of his life to follow his wife into the dream and remaining forever with her.


Recorded and produced in the spring of 2018 with members: Nicholas Parente, Damiano Cerquito.


Nicholas Parente - Acoustic and Electric Guitars/Piano/Cello & Violin/Sound Engineering/ Irish Flute/ Drums and Percussion

Damiano Cerquito - Bass/Death & Clean Vocals

Album Art by Nicholas Parente.

This Ep is an a demo so can have some starting settings and method of mixing, we improve all the day for make all sounds good and equal.

Thank You for your purchase and we love you.
(All money goes into instrumentation and devices for the band, for improve our albums)

The Album have 2+1(bonus) Instrumental Song And 2 With vocals.

Band that Inspirated the creation of this music: Xanthochroid,Agalloch,Opeth,Burzum,Ulver,Wintersun,Aquilus,Emperor.


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