Descrizione a cura della band

This album is dedicated to Miles Davis, Fela Kuti, Arthur Russell, Captain Beefheart, Nelson Mandela, Jesse Ed Davis and Albert Ayler.


Recorded in Berlin:
- Liquido
- Wet Dream
- Ocean Punk
- Been There Done That
- Hey Mister
- Lonely Damaged Man
- Double Life
- Chasing The Dragon
Recorded in London:
- Nuclear War
- Keep In Touch
- Chasing The Dragon
Recorded in Bruxelles:
- Emily Take 2
Recorded at Legato Studio Sound, Berlin:
- Gimme One More Chance
Mastered at Analogcut, Berlin.
"Keep In touch" song mentor: Tomi Simatupang Incarnation
"Nuclear War" song mentor: Sun Ra
Photography by Alessia Baccellini
Painting by Peculiaroso
Graphics by Gianfranco Amelio
Artwork Concept by Doc

Peculiaroso 2017 All rights reserved.


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